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The best career site in the world won't fix a bad corporate culture.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what ails a lackluster company culture. But you can certainly sense its presence. That’s why we go further and dig deeper than most to create ideas and experiences that bring your culture to life for employees and candidates.

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You Are Amazon, Too – Examining Your Own Company Culture

I recently read an article that had been waiting in my queue for a while, about Radio Shack aka “The Shack” aka Completely Out of Business. It was framed as a eulogy for a dying brand, with stories of overworked, underpaid, and mistreated employees. The below, the writer who was watching a particularly heinous example of a corporate video, really stood out for me: We were supposed to watch this and take pride in our thousand-store region and be motivated to, I don’t know, earn bonuses for these executives? We, the people taking home a thousand bucks a month, who go to work with holes in our last pairs of khakis, who walk an hour to work every day because we can’t afford car repairs, who managed a store for 80 hours last week and received a figure below minimum wage for the trouble. We, who are scuttling our only day off so we can sit here and hear about the money they want to make and how useless we are. It’s fair to ask me why I worked there for so long. I just couldn’t find a job I thought was better, and tried to convince myself in the moment that it wasn’t so bad. This is no doubt example of culture gone awry. And if you’ll remember, last week, a scathing article on Amazon’s workplace culture came out in The New York Times. It became the Times’ most commented on article ever, and hundreds of outlets produced commentary, including us, as a result. We’re engaged in a great national discussion about the future of the workplace, and...

Generation Z – Savvy, Connected, Changing the World

For generation Z, books are electronic, music is downloaded, television is binge-watched, and films are crowdfunded. But with all these modern luxuries there is a lot of anxiety, according to our SONAR survey, over success and the future. The number one concern mentioned was “How prepared I am for the future,” chosen by two-thirds of the respondents. 64% worried about whether there would be good jobs when they graduated and how successful they would be in the future. To better understand your recruits of the future download the full report...

Webinar – Engaging Future Candidates

INSIDE Insights Webinar: Engaging Future Candidates Is your career site up to snuff? View the Webinar Recording Online recruitment is always evolving and recruiters must stay ahead the curve to remain competitive. Companies today have the ability to guide potential employees through the entire process. From browsing job openings to providing an opportunity to experience workplace culture. And top quality candidates are more likely to be engaged by those who are doing it right. The creative minds at JWT INSIDE will provide you with insights into what drives candidate engagement and give examples of work that is succeeding at these strategies. Learn how modern day career websites are evolving from being application collection portals to giving candidates a peak into what working with the company is all about. JWT INSIDE Presenters: Abhilasha Sinha Art Directior Casey Aitken Senior...

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