As a recruitment professional, I know you’re always trying to recruit differently and always looking for new avenues to promote your company’s career opportunities. That’s why I’m encouraging you to check out Escape the City, a new community website that provides recruitment services catering to those with an alternative lifestyle.

If you’ve been paying attention to the loads of articles about the Millennial generation, you’ve found that we like doing things a bit differently. Environmentalism is a priority, work-life balance is non-negotiable, travel is a never-ending bucket list, and “culture-first” employers keep us engaged. Escape the City has built up a community of such individuals and has invited organizations that strive to meet these job-seekers’ core needs.

Some of these needs, called “Esc-factors”, include:

Entrepreneurial Spirit – a shared commitment to an ambitious vision.

Exciting Brands – ones that are well-known, much-loved and deliver on their promises.

Innovative Products/Services – original and unique offerings built on creative problem-solving.

Social Impact – continuous support for social or environmental causes.

Off-the-Grid Workplaces – exotic locations or the option to work remotely.

We love this site for a few different reasons. For one, it’s upfront and honest about its mission. It also sets companies up for success by providing a checklist of the types of positions that get the best traffic. Additionally, Escape the City can help professionals with changing career paths, starting a business and more.

It’s clear that people living a non-traditional lifestyle will be looking to employers to communicate opportunities through channels that meet the candidates’ unique needs. Are you taking the right steps to bolster your Millennial recruitment efforts? Let us know at


Lauren Petitt is an Account Executive at JWT INSIDE Washington, D.C. with over two years' agency experience in client services, partnering with brands that run the gamut - including healthcare, defense contractors, and government agencies. Lauren is a graduate of West Virginia University (Let’s Go Mountaineers!) and enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors and an occasional margarita.