If you’re not up to date on Facebook’s job posting functionality changes, then you’re not taking advantage of the platform’s latest (and greatest) recruitment tools. Previously geared towards small businesses, Facebook just announced some added functions that will making finding the right candidates – for all sorts of employers – easier than ever before.

New updates to the platform include:

1. A share option for Groups. In addition to posting job listings on an organization’s Facebook Page, users will now be able to post those listings on relevant ‘Group’ pages – casting a wider net to more specificed audiences.

Hiring nurses? Consider joining local groups and share your relevant vacancies.

2. Job management tools for efficient applicant tracking. Under the ‘Manage Job’ tab, this new tool will allow users to filter, sort, and mark their favorite candidates for each listing, then choose the most appropriate ones in the most efficient way possible.

Overwhelmed by the volume of candidates? Not anymore, you’re not.

3. Facebook admin roles now include a Jobs Manager. Much like ‘Group’ admins, users will now be able to assign multiple Page Managers for job postings who can post jobs, handle applications, and assist the user through a smooth hiring process.

Not familiar with Facebook Jobs? Candidates can head to facebook.com/jobs to search through open listings – much like other job sites. These jobs live on a Facebook Business Page that can automatically integrate with Facebook Messenger for live interactions with recruiters or hiring managers.
Note: Facebook Jobs can only intergrate with an ATS through a custom integration.

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As the Director of Social Content & Strategy, Laura works with INSIDE’s clients to optimize and execute all social media initiatives. Laura has ten years of experience spanning corporate and agency, B2B, B2C and non-profit sectors. When she’s not at work she can still be found online: over-posting cute dog and baby photos and providing snarky commentary on reality TV. Laura is a native Atlantan and a graduate of Auburn University with a background in PR.