Is your company’s LinkedIn page taking advantage of the new layout?

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that your company’s LinkedIn page looks different on desktop. Really different. LinkedIn began rolling out its redesigned version last fall with the goal of aligning its desktop site with its mobile app. There are new tabs, content sections and creative guidelines, so if you haven’t updated your company’s page in a while, it’s time!

Let’s take a look at a couple of easy updates to customize your new page:

Cover Image

Have you seen the new blue background on your overview page? It’s actually a placeholder that needs to be filled with your own cover image. Don’t worry, you had a smaller version of a cover image on your previous LinkedIn page, so simply adjust the size of your old image—or you could create something brand new! Specs: 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels

Life Tab

What was once the Careers tab has been divided into two tabs: Jobs and Life. Jobs is simply your jobs feed, and Life is an updated version of the previous Careers tab with new customizable sections.

Here are all of the features you can customize under this tab:

Company Leaders

Just like your previous page, you have the option of listing your company’s leaders (up to 4) and linking to their profiles. Be sure to include copy about what leadership means at your organization.


This section should be familiar as well, and for most pages, the previous content has merged into its new section without needing updates. Take a second look at your modules though, to make sure everything looks right.

Company Photos

You can add up to 20 photos here that tell your company’s story. LinkedIn suggests displaying photos of your different offices and asking teams to capture what’s going on in their departments. One more suggestion: Have employees take pictures of their daily activities. Do your coworkers go to lunch together? A mid-afternoon walk? After work drinks? Make sure that the pictures you choose display your company culture.

Employee Perspectives

Do your employees or leaders write Pulse articles? If so, link to them here. It’s a great way to show thought leadership. Choose articles from different departments to show the diversity of your work and your employees.


This section is new, and we think it’s an awesome idea. Choose a couple of employees that you feel truly embody your company’s beliefs and display them here as brand ambassadors. You can link to their profiles and include a quote. Just be sure to let your ambassadors know about their featured spot in advance, because interested candidates will probably reach out to them for an inside perspective!

Looking for creative specs for these new sections? LinkedIn provides these two great guides for images and copy.

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Jordan is the Social Media Community Manager for JWT INSIDE. She is located in Atlanta, and when she's not researching social trends, she enjoys taking her Swiss Mountain dog on hiking adventures.