We’re excited to announce our inclusion in PSFK’s latest publication, The Future of Health Vol. 3: Precision Care Through Living Data.

The masterminds at JWT Innovation Lab and JWT INSIDE teamed up to deliver an inspired concept for a platform, called Conscia 360 Degree Health Awareness Ecosystem, to help healthcare professionals maintain their own mental, physical and holistic wellness as they tend to patients’ needs. This solution brings awareness to the needs of healthcare providers and the resultant impact they make on patients’ outcomes.

NYC-based media company, PSFK, is known for its insightful research and trend analysis across industries, and produces an innovative curriculum of newsletters, reports, webinars and events. The Future of Health Vol. 3 explores the many ways in which big data is transforming the healthcare industry, and visualizes a “model for living health” that leverages digital innovations to deliver precision care.

For more information and to purchase/download the publication, click here.

And congratulations to everyone who took part in this amazing collaboration!

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