Our agency is fortunate to work with many of the leading hospitals in healthcare. In fact, three of JWT INSIDE’s current clients rank in the top ten on the 2018-2019 U.S. News & World Report’s ‘Best Hospitals’ list released just last week. I am personally honored to work with both Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, who were ranked #1 and #2, respectively, for another consecutive year.

Competition is fierce in healthcare today. Hospitals and health care systems are under tremendous pressure to build a winning culture for both patients and employees, to differentiate their offerings and delivery of care, and to attract and retain top candidates amidst the greatest war for talent health care has ever faced. Superior care isn’t an accident – it’s the result of superior employees.

At INSIDE, we are helping the best hospitals hire the best talent who, in turn, deliver the best patient care and support for their communities and our nation.

It’s been a dream to combine my early interests in medicine and healthcare with my marketing and business background, and to work with brands that are not only leading in the medical field, but that are also marketing powerhouses unto themselves! I take a sincere interest in the goals they are pursuing – and feel fortunate that I am able to do something I feel passionate about – while helping deliver what these top hospitals need most so they can deliver for their patients. Professionally, I have been pushed and challenged in ways I never imagined and I am grateful for each and every moment.

What does it mean to us at INSIDE to work with the leading hospitals and health systems in the country?

1) It means doing work with purpose. Work that is rewarding beyond the work itself.

These leading hospitals often see the most critical, complex cases and patients trust them to treat, heal, and restore their good health. These hospitals trust us to diagnose their biggest recruiting and talent acquisition problems and prescribe a ‘treatment’ plan. This trust is deeply powerful. Their achievements inspire a deeper sense of meaning in our own work.

2) It means living the brand.
“When you work with one of the best healthcare systems in the world, you definitely feel it. It permeates everything they do – from how they design their buildings to how they treat patients – everything.” -Casey Aitken, Creative Director at INSIDE.

These are elite brands that evoke emotion. When you experience these brands – in person and
through the eyes of our partnership – you can’t help but become the biggest fans and promoters of these hospitals.

We live these brands. My team(s) proudly wear the blue & white for Mayo and the blue & green for Cleveland Clinic. We follow them across their social media channels where we like, share, and love their posts. We subscribe to their news channels, watch and listen to CEO and leadership interviews, and even tune in each year to their annual state of the union leadership address to cheer our teams on!

We champion these brands and their causes. We feel anxious while waiting for those annual hospital rankings and results – and we share in the excitement when they’re released and awarded the top spots. As extensions of their team, it also means we protect their brand. Every conversation, communication, or interaction we have on their behalf reflects on them, their brand and reputation. We hold that honor in high regard.

3) It means being at the top of your game and working at the highest level possible.
The stakes are high. We’re dealing with people’s lives and investing in talent that will lead the future of health care for both our nation and the greater world around us.

Working with the very best in healthcare means higher standards and higher expectations. Everything they do is at the highest level. This motivates and challenges me and my team(s) to also be at the top of our game and perform at our highest level every day in order to provide the quality of service and support they need.

It takes a constant pursuit of excellence and a drive to continuously improve.

“At INSIDE, we work with many organizations, a lot of which are challenger brands in their space – disrupting the status quo of an industry. Working with Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic offers a unique opportunity to partner with organizations at the top of their field who know that staying on top requires the mindset of a challenger – always pushing forward and challenging not only others in their space, but also themselves. This unique combination offers a truly compelling and ongoing story that should be told. They have the world’s respect and attention.” -Pete Price, Head of Strategy & Planning for INSIDE

4) It means leading with compassion.
Patients choose these hospitals not just because they’re clinical rock stars, but because they maintain deep commitment and compassion. Candidates choose to work for these top hospitals because they are innovative and caring.

Working with these brands means leading by those same values – leading for the greater good and for the long term. Recognizing that achieving excellences takes a team effort, a positive attitude, and a genuine passion for the work.

5) It means being consistent, day-in and day-out.
Seeing clients such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Health Care rank in the top 10 for another consecutive year is validation that they’re at the forefront and setting the standard for health care. Success is not achieved by chance or a one-time event. It takes consistency and constant commitment. You have to prove yourself every day.

Leading our clients to success in the acquisition of talent demands that my team and I maintain a constant commitment to delivering on their goals and objectives, and consistency, day-in and day-out, in all of our efforts and interactions. It’s the small wins delivered consistently and continuously that add up to bigger wins and lasting success.

6) It means innovating and leveraging the latest tools and technologies to stay on the forefront.
These brands are built on innovation and invention. They maximize technology to improve and enhance the patient experience and internal systems and processes. They are often early adopters who leverage the latest medical technologies.

Meanwhile, we leverage new and emerging technologies to meet their business needs, enhance candidate and employee experiences, and support their ability to recruit talent and deliver the highest quality medicine possible.

“It is rare in one’s career to get the opportunity to work on a dynamic, fast-paced, and complex brand that strives for excellence and ‘what’s next now’. I have been fortunate to be able to work on such brands, such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Health Care. Professionally, these clients keep us on our toes and allow us to flex our technical muscle to solve very intricate problems. Personally, it keeps me at the leading edge of HR technology and where it is going.” -Doug Shonrock, Head of Technology for INSIDE

7) It means sharing in our clients’ passions.
What Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Health Care and other leading hospitals have achieved and continue to achieve is awe-inspiring. From an employer branding and talent attraction standpoint, there is a major advantage in their bounty inspiring stories.

“It’s incredible that we get to help be part of that culture and showcase it to the world. We help bring everything they feel and are passionate about and proud of to life.” (Social Media Team, INSIDE).

But it also comes with great responsibility. Recruiting top quality talent that fits the unique culture for each of these brands requires painting a realistic picture of what it takes to work and thrive in these settings. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Health Care all operate in a competitive and challenging environment. As their partners, we are charged with helping them demonstrate these challenges to candidates and set expectations for those searching and applying for jobs – so that we can inspire and encourage the right kind of talent that is attracted to this kind of environment and will thrive there.

Leading and winning takes great focus and effort and means never settling for ‘good enough.’ No matter how many accolades these top hospitals receive, they’re still on a journey to achieve more. They have a clear vision of where they’re headed and what it’s going to take to get there. We are privileged to be on this journey with them.

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