At the beginning of each year, recruitment experts flood the blogosphere with predictions and expected trends for the coming months. To save you some time, the J. Walter Thompson INSIDE team has compiled a list of the best prediction reports for recruitment in 2018 all in one place.

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends for 2018
LinkedIn recently published its annual report for recruiting trends for the new year. In this report, they highlight four global, high-level predictions up front and then elaborate closely on each one in more detail. This report is appealing because LinkedIn has included helpful charts and graphs to give you a visual break from the wall of text that some of these reports can become.

The Ladders 8 workplace predictions for 2018
Although this list is written with a candidate audience in mind, it doesn’t change the fact that it reveals interesting insights into which direction employers are likely to go and what the workplace landscape is expected to look like this year.

Recruiting Daily’s Predictions and Pitfalls in the Workplace
The coming year’s predictions from Recruiting Daily are for more slow and steady changes. Among these predictions, you’ll find nuanced descriptions of how HR teams face information overload, how employee engagement will change specifically, and how technology will impact the recruitment world.

HR Today’s 2018 Recruitment Trends According to Experts
Human Resources Today provides not just a list, but an engaging infographic. Paired with the more detailed copy description of their predictions for AI, big data, candidate experience, and the gig economy is a colorful design illustrating the finer points and highlighting the expert opinions in their predictions.

Deloitte’s Ten Disruptions for The Year Ahead
For over a decade, Bersin by Deloitte has been publishing yearly predictions. And they foresee industry disruption in the months ahead. They predict a shift away from automation, a further shift towards a “war for talent,” and the maturation of people analytics.

TLNT – Here’s How to Make 2018 the Year of HR
TLNT has taken their predictions and used them to devise strategies for how HR professionals can make the most of this year’s trends. Their suggestions range from making your employer brand more socially aware and putting a focus on equality to revamping employee benefits and perks.

Aptitude Research Partners – Five Talent Acquisition Predictions for 2018
Aptitude is keenly aware that HR professionals are experiencing an information overload. To keep from contributing to the overwhelming amount of information facing the industry, they’ve crafted a concise list of points that clearly outline the way HR technology and strategies will be changing in 2018.

Recruiting Brief – Pay Attention to 2018’s Hottest Job Trends
Every industry has to be technologically proficient to compete in today’s market, and that includes HR. This list of predictions speaks specifically to what technological advances are emerging and how the demand for talent will shift around those changes.

Glassdoor’s Five Disruptions to Watch in 2018
Here is one of the more comprehensive reports we’ve seen on 2018 predictions. Glassdoor has evaluated the events of the previous year and translated them into shifts occurring in the employment world. Here you’ll find a concise list of their biggest predictions as well as a downloadable report that goes over each possible outcome in detail, all backed by data.

ERE – Predictions for 2018
ERE continues to have a finger on the pulse of the Employment Industry. In this post, they’ve outlined industry-specific predictions about acquisitions, which digital platforms are expected to rise and to flop, as well as what new tech recruiters should expect to be using from now on.

There are a lot of insights to gather from these lists, and you’ll find that certain themes emerge, whether you’re looking at it from the perspective of technological advances to strategies in employee satisfaction. Whatever your approach this year will be, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and keep an eye out for these predictions as they become reality.

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