From generation to generation, the job market has changed dramatically. We’ve gone from farming to factories to offices in a matter of centuries. And as technology becomes more and more advanced, many workers fear that they will eventually be replaced by robots, as noted in this TED Talk.

In turn, we must change the way we look at future employment. Unlike robots, we have unique skills and characteristics that are both valuable and hard to replicate. Emotions, for example, can motivate us to improve as professionals while connecting with each other on a personal level. Tapping into abilities such as these will help ensure that people continue to thrive in the workplace.

Additionally, companies should encourage employees to be more than their job descriptions and empower them to solve the problems they want to solve. Robots, on the other hand, should only take on simple, repetitive tasks and those that humans can’t complete. This will give us more time to focus on the things we enjoy doing most, which is ideal for any worker.

Christina Murphy currently works as an Account Manager out of JWT INSIDE Los Angeles. She offers 4 years of experience in corporate communication, employee activation, and internal communication strategy. Christina provides support to multiple accounts including retail, healthcare and finance. In her free time she works on her co-authored food blog,