What do you do to celebrate employees during the holidays? This season is a great opportunity to strengthen employee relations and provide a sense of recognition among the office for all their hard work. Take some time this season to learn more about your coworkers and nurture your company’s culture. What does your team value? However you celebrate, we’ve suggested several activities you can implement this season (and year round) with all employees to ensure a fun, positive experience for all.

1. Showcase charity work. There are numerous charities you can contribute to as a team. Determine your company values and search for charities which align with them. When pitching the group effort, make sure to let your employees know what it is about this charity work that aligns with their culture to help everyone feel united. Set a goal for your office to contribute to a noble cause and use your company resources to better meet your goal. Then, when the work is complete, celebrate by announcing the results and the impact you made.

2. Dine with colleagues. Bringing people together, whatever you celebrate, is of utmost value to your employees. For example, if your office is known for friendly competition, have a dessert-baking contest. If they enjoy creating stories, make a theme around a potluck of the office’s choosing. You want to create an atmosphere which encourages acceptance and community. What better way than having an office meal with your coworkers?

3. Organize an employee outing. Have a little fun with your coworkers outside the 9-5 window. Schedule a dinner, sports activity, or craft session with your teammates. Spending a little extra time with your coworkers builds stronger relationships in the office that will encourage collaboration and productivity.

4. Get competitive. Do your coworkers enjoy going head-to-head? Encourage that culture of competition with games. Host a game hour in the office in which all employees can participate. Bring in your favorite board games or test your agility with a relay race. Separate into teams. This type of activity encourages coworkers to work together and will ultimately build stronger communication in the workplace. After the fun is over, make sure to mark the occasion by recognizing the winners and celebrating everyone who participated.

5. Set office goals. New Year’s can be a good time to connect with your teams and set up new company-wide goals. The finance team is doing it, and so should you! Look for goals that every single employee can take part in. Maybe, you have a large company and don’t know everyone’s name. Make a point to introduce yourself to everyone that year. These goals should be set up to further strengthen your company messaging. Make sure to give employees a venue to announce when they’ve made progress on a larger goal, which also helps remind others to keep working on it. At the end of the year, show what a difference working together has made.

These activities can be applied any time of the year that works best for the team. What matters most is the time spent with your co-workers to team-build and develop your relationships. Here at JWT INSIDE, collaboration serves as one of our main values. During this Thanksgiving holiday, our president shared a toast across all offices via Google Hangouts to show his appreciation. We were given recognition and an opportunity to all be together. It was widely appreciated. Figure out what’s right for your culture this holiday season. No matter how you celebrate the season, it’s a chance to express your unique culture and share this special time with your employees.

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