We’ve all heard the phrase at some point in our life: actions speak louder than words. Whether it was a significant other, a friend or co-worker saying it, talk is cheap. Saying you’re going to do something and not following through on said promise is more common than most would like to admit. This is no different than when a brand pushes a strong promise and under-delivers.

Brands such as IBM and Uber are prime examples of companies that drive a resilient brand promise and execute it flawlessly. When you use these company’s services it is a safe bet that you’ll get exactly what was expected. Stephanie Ciccarelli from HuffPost says, “When you work with a brand, there’s a whole team of people engaged in the process of getting you what you want, complete with guarantees. Their goal is to help you achieve your goal.” Brands that do what they say and say what they mean create brand-loyal consumers because they deliver that brand promise time and time again.

Brand loyalty goes much deeper than just consumers loving a brand and what they represent. Think about it. What or who ensures the brand promise is being met on the ground level of a company?

The employees.

When it comes to recruiting, you want to ensure that you are targeting and hiring employees that value what your company is doing to guarantee that your brand promise will always be met. New hires will become part of “a group of people working toward a common goal,” according to Ciccarelli. “Each employee must align with how the brand behaves in order to deliver on the brand promise.”

Potential new hires need to work for a brand they believe in and trust, and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves and enjoy what they do. Upholding the brand promise is part of a healthy company culture. “Most will argue that one of the reasons why brand-loyal customers love working with a certain company is because the employees live out the brand’s mission, vision and values,” notes Ciccarelli. The marketplace has become so oversaturated with companies trying to show they have the best culture, awesome benefit packages and unlimited vacation days, but what good does that do if you have an employee that doesn’t truly believe in what they were hired to do?

As brands continue to thrive in our so-called “digital era” where the ‘we people’ have an option for everything, it’s even more important to not overpromise and under-deliver. Social media and reviews are such a strong part of every brand’s livelihood and it only takes one viral video for a company to lose a huge chunk of their customer base due to a small mishap that was caught on film.

Recruiting in a branded economy isn’t easy, but customers do business with brands. Ensuring that your company is hiring solid talent with the right personality will help make sure your brand is being represented in the strongest light. Employees that not only believe in your brand’s promise but also actively align with your brand’s values and vision are extremely important to keeping the integrity of the brand and its promise.

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