Employers are always brainstorming inventive ways to engage young talent. Step 1 – Go where they are. Step 2 – Do what they do. And when it comes to recruiting Millennials, that means going online and doing social media. Enter Snapchat. You’ve either heard of it or you’re already a snap addict. And you wouldn’t be alone—more than 158 million people use Snapchat every day and on average, open the app 18 times a day, according to Business Insider.

While many employers have mastered branding and recruitment on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, good strategies to harness Snapchat’s expanding reach have been elusive. Enter McDonald’s. The fast-food giant may have cracked the code on effectively using Snapchat to bring their recruitment efforts right in front of their core demographic and attract summer employees. 250,000 employees, that is. That’s the ambitious goal for their new campaign called “Snaplications.” McDonald’s advertising will have Snapchat users view 10-second videos featuring employees sharing their experiences within the company. Users can then swipe up to visit the McDonald’s career page and complete an application. A successful test-run in Australia allowed users to don a virtual McDonald’s uniform and submit a 10-second pitch on why they should be hired.

By giving candidates the ability to swipe up from an ad and go directly to their local restaurant’s application page, employers can streamline the recruitment process. And engaging this target audience exactly where they are spending most of their time (i.e. their smartphones) will serve McDonald’s well, as the company seeks to evolve its business model and upgrade its services to lure back customers.

Employers could draw inspiration from this McDonald’s maneuver to rev up their own recruitment campaign in the Snapchat space. As with any advertising approach, it’s all about the content. Candidates want to feel engaged and get a glimpse into the culture of the company. Snapchat gives employers the opportunity to showcase what makes them unique in a very organic way. Some tips employers could take to enhance their Snapchat experience would be to have their employees take turns at the helm, offering a “day in the life” view; or create custom geo-filters to show off their company culture at their next college event.

So what about your company? How will you interact with Snapchat’s massive user base, likely teeming with young talent in search of summer gigs? What cues can you take from the success of “Snaplications?” Let us know at conversations@jwt.com.

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