Another Super Bowl has passed with a slew of new commercials to entertain us.

We saw the traditional Budweiser Clydesdales with a happy passenger and a Dalmatian riding through a wind-powered valley for a “going green” environmental twist. Nostalgic ‘90s was a theme in three separate spots with Stella Artois featuring Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude; Doritos with the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper munching on flaming hot nacho chips; and, finally, Olay paid an odd homage to ‘90s horror featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar and her #KillerSkin.

Other spots featured Serena Williams sharing her empowering message of “make the first move” for Bumble’s trio of services. The Washington Post spot defended journalism with the help of Tom Hanks’s narrative. Under the direction of Peter Berg, Verizon built on their first responder tribute ads from last year by reuniting LA Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn with the men and women who helped save his life after he was hit by a drunk driver.

The most suggestive spot of the night was Kraft Devour’s “Food Porn” (tasteless or tasteful?) which delivered a twist on the traditional frozen food feature. And the most unexpected creative team-up of the night went to Bud Light and HBO’s Game of Thrones for their amusing spot with the demise of the “Bud Fett” Knight at the hands of The Mountain—dilly dilly, indeed.

But if there was a big theme winner for The Big Game this year, it was Artificial Intelligence. Super Bowl LIII featured a whopping six AI-themed commercial spots including Amazon’s Alexa, Pringles, TurboTax, Michelob Ultra, SimpliSafe and Mercedes.

The spots reminded people of the advantages AI provides our daily lives… as well as the fears for the ways things can go wrong. (Interesting that Amazon’s Alexa ad reveals the unsuccessful integrations of Alexa while poking fun at it. Guess it’s easier to joke about the things that scare us the most when it comes to privacy failures.) AI is indeed propelling itself into all corners of our lives, manifesting itself as smart assistants for home technologies, hands-free driving directions and chatbots for quick customer support.

And it’s no surprise that AI is also transforming the way we search for jobs as candidates or manually sift through resumes and conduct interviews as HR professionals.

Automating workflow will be a key solution for high-volume tasks in screening resumes. Chatbots with AI are already being implemented into mobile-friendly career sites to allow for quick connections for hungry candidates, answering general FAQ questions, scheduling interviews, pre-screening candidates or sending job alerts and quality employer brand content to subscribers.

AI will also push productivity with real-time metrics and a daily assistant to handle some of those mundane admin tasks. It’s also starting to find a way into training and onboarding programs for your workforce by helping new employees connect to information; whether it’s internal workplace floor maps, staff names in different departments or even being able to answer questions new employees are often too afraid to ask their superiors when first starting a job.

So, after tackling that last slice of cold, leftover pizza and settling into your Monday recruiter duties and hundreds of emails, remember that a brave new world of AI is on your horizon. And possible HR AI integration in your company might help you enlist the next “Tom Brady” to lead your company to the equivalent of six Super Bowl victories…

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