A Marketing Department’s goal is to communicate their company’s brand, mission, vision and values to entice new customers. Talent Acquisition has a similar goal: attract and obtain new employees.

The two go hand in hand. There are several important takeaways Talent Acquisition can learn from its counterpart. Here’s what we can learn from Marketing:

Think outside the box: Talent Acquisition is more than just posting jobs and waiting for candidates to find you. Learn your market, get creative and engage with them. The more you know about your desired candidates, the better you can cater messaging and positioning to them.

Gain Basic Marketing skills: It’s important that acquisition efforts are grounded in employer brand visuals and messaging, content strategy, digital and social media marketing, relationship building and data analysis. Be true to your brand and have a plan on how you’re going to share your story.

Collaborate with other teams: Content Strategists, Planners, Media and Social Teams are all great resources when creating your recruitment advertising strategy and solutions. They bring valuable perspectives and experience that can be useful in targeting the right candidates.

Use technology, but don’t rely on it: Technology can only take you so far. Research the platforms you use. Make sure they fulfill your needs.

Talent Acquisition, when well equipped with these Marketing skills can make a huge impact on recruiting and retaining employees.

Christina Murphy currently works as an Account Manager out of JWT INSIDE Los Angeles. She offers 4 years of experience in corporate communication, employee activation, and internal communication strategy. Christina provides support to multiple accounts including retail, healthcare and finance. In her free time she works on her co-authored food blog, nathanandchristinamakefood.com.